I always wanted to write a poem that doesn’t make sense and see if it actually makes sense:

Pole giraffe nodding towards  big chicken infested township

Pleasing red loathing bohemian coconuts dance solemnly

Fredrick Mary Prudence polygamy child migrant fish

Trophic leaf medium acne adolescence fever

Question plaster reasoning for care

Plasma super lechuga-stew

Crooning Mifflin

Light bulb



Ahora en Español:

Bombillo espalda pollo ensalada cuando durmiendo rápido

Pescando en Sentido de uvas tallas o liquido

Cerdos en la calle Pedro a la estrella tranquillo

Mire, montanas de chicle pero sin sol

Mezcla manzanas de chile relleno

Por fin se va



I also always wanted to write a narrative. I have two ideas that are still in the brain storming phase:

Birds on a Wire: the title explains it all. This story gives the audience a view of what life is like for those birds who always hang out on wires above streets and such. We discover that there is an intense social stratification present on the wire. A constant influx of non-local migratory birds causes the local wire gangs to form tight-knit societies, and they struggle to define their roots. The audience soon realizes the similarity between the birds on the wire and their own lives.


My other story is called Sperm Narrative: I hope to tell the story of Normand, the not so normal sperm cell who one day refuses to participate in the most important holiday for sperm cells: the chasing of the egg. Normand wakes up lacking motivation, and with a inkling that his whole life up to this point has had no meaning. Normand illustrates the existentialist school of thought in the this philosophical masterpiece.


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